this is the place where i put stuff related to place 2.0
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60fps 120fps most recent changes

images updated every minute
timelapses updated every hour

if it doesn't update like it should be spam the hell out of me

psa - may 5th 2017
i am aware that there is some problem with the 60fps timelapse - i am working on that. thanks for your patience.

psa2 - may 5th 2017
timelapses should work again, but no 60fps anymore, only 120 - why? the lenght of the video is smaller and it will suck less bandwidth for my server

psa3 - may 20th 2017
as requested by someone, there is now a timelapse with the most recent changes so that you dont need to load the entire video, murder my server and wait forever to see what changed. everyone is happy. youre welcome *love*

awesome banner by u/AlenF